Forensic psychology is the intersection between psychology and the criminal justice system. Sparks Psychological Services psychologists have extensive expertise in this area and can provide effective, efficient, and thorough services to attorneys, individuals, judges, and other legal professionals. SPS provides expert psychological evaluations explaining how psychological issues influenced or did not influence persons involved in legal proceedings. Our psychologists are experts in providing court testimony that is accurate, effective, and jargon-free, reformulating psychological findings into the legal language of the courtroom. We are available to serve as expert witnesses in cases throughout the United States.

Sparks Psychological Services provides legal-related assessments including:

  • Determining how mental state influenced an individual’s behaviors related to a criminal proceeding
  • Evaluation of child custody in divorce and other family law matters
  • Psychological factors in personal injury and other civil matters
  • Cases related to Workers’ Compensation or Social Security Disability
  • Mental state for the insanity plea
  • Competency to stand trial
  • Violence risk assessment
  • Immigration matters
  • Psychological effects of harassment
  • The effects of brain injury
  • Specialized forensic personality assessment